Sunday, February 7, 2010

Handy Guide to Garden Shed Selection

There are many different things to take into consideration before buying your garden shed or workshop. With so many different purposes and different spaces to put your shed in required, each shed will be unique in its criteria.

The following is a check list of common considerations:

  • What will your shed be used for? For instance, if you will be doing some woodworking or a hobby you will require plenty of space and probably a workbench.
  • A little pre-planning such as deciding on the size and length of your workbench and perhaps the size of any cupboards you may require before you purchase the shed is very wise.
  • Is your shed mainly for storage? If so, it is a good idea to not only take into account the things you will need to store in it now but allow extra room for future storage requirements and choose a shed with a bit more space.
  • How much space do you have? On a large or rural block you will have endless choices but on a small town block or unit you will be limited to a smaller shed such as the Spacesaver, which will conveniently fit under the eaves or in a discreet corner.
  • Where to locate your shed? You may need to take into account any council regulations that require you to erect it a certain distance from the fence. This may prove difficult in some cases.
  • Do you require electricity? If you want some light or will be using power tools you will need to consider the cost of using an electrician. If you will only be using your shed in daylight ours, still ensure the natural light is sufficient. The bigger the shed the more light you will need, so consider some windows or skylights.
  • Colourbond or zinc? This will depend on cost and your environment. If it doesn’t need to be pleasing to the eye then this cheaper option is fine. But if you require the shed to match existing fence or gutters as it is open to view and will need to blend in.
  • Ventilation? No matter what your use for your garden shed is, sawing wood, potting plants or preparing plant mixes it is always a good idea to have fresh air circulating. So take the time to install a couple of windows, and allow the breeze to cool down your shed over summer.

If you take these tips into consideration before purchasing your garden shed you will know exactly what you want and not make any bad decisions.